" Eeewww... "

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Jake and the Bullfrog

 Education is full of new experiences, like holding a live bullfrog for the first time!


This image was created as a cover for an educational-themed annual report to illustrate the excitement of learning experiences.  Jake had never held a live bullfrog before, which clearly showed in his smile.  We intentionally kept the frog out of sight until the final moment to capture a genuine expression.

Although the image looks to be an actual classroom, it was all authentically staged and propped in a rented room at a local community center. The bullfrog was live and purchased from a biological supply house, destined for live dissection in some high school biology class.  His reward was being spared a trip to the classroom and instead being released in the margins of a nearby river.

Score one for the bullfrog and one for a fantastic grin... happy client, happy kid, happy frog!



I'm that guy who plays well with real people.

( Talent are real people too! )