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" You #@&# nailed it! "

Yup, that's what the client's email said after I delivered this image.  I took that as a good thing.


These are "real people", as in a real family, shot as a two-page testimonial spread for a regional Farmers Insurance ad.  I was to create a portrait of the subjects with their kids engaged somehow with the family's truck in the background, perhaps loading it for a vacation.  On a nice warm day, it seemed that washing the truck might be appropriate, a little more dynamic, and just plain fun. 

After shooting for a while with them washing, I told the parents, "No matter what you hear, don't look at them, keep smiling, and work with me."  I then offered up two little words to the girls, "water fight"!  They had no problem getting into the spirit of it... two soaking wet and excited teenagers!  And, the client was "#@&#" happy.  Happy is a good thing.



I'm that guy who plays well with real people.

( Talent are real people too! )