“ The perfect assignment involves highly creative and rewarding
challenges, great and friendly people, and obscene amounts of money. 
All three are outstanding, but two out of three ain't bad. ”    
                                                                                                            — Jeff Schewe

Why hire Marc?


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I'm that guy who plays well with real people.

( Talent are real people too! )

Why hire us?  First and foremost is craft and creative vision, the cornerstone to hiring any creative talent.  If you've made it this far, after seeing my work, that may already be settled for you. (I certainly hope so!)  I am not an artiste, but a visual communicator focused on telling a story or delivering a message, sometimes direct and other times with subtlety.  My lighting style can be clean and natural to dramatic and stylized, but always well crafted.

I am digitally savvy, not just from the perspective of using digital cameras, but the entire workflow from camera to press or electronic media.  My post-production is fully calibrated to meet the standards of today's media and I deliver a quality product, ready for your design team.

I am a genuine people person, which helps to build trust… trust that I'll accomplish the communication goals, trust that all parties onsite will be honored and respected, trust that my subjects will feel comfortable that they look good and their valuable time respected.  A photographic assignment can be tedious and complex, from scouting the location to find the most creative photo opportunities to making arrangements with admins and job foremen for logistics with minimal disruption.

For magazine or corporate portraits, I like to gently enlist the subject's trust and develop enough rapport that they feel they have some ownership in the outcome.  My education is extensive, as are my experiences, and I can relate well to most people, from research PhDs and CEOs to the workforce that makes a company run.  This always provides the best and most natural look, no matter how abstract a concept might be, as well as a comfortable experience for everyone.  

For magazine assignments, I prefer to read the story beforehand, or at least a detailed brief, so I can best illustrate the storyline.  For commercial shoots, I work equally well with the collaboration of an art director or without.  I have considerable experience with graphic designers, and design itself, and can be trusted to create a photographic image that will enhance your annual reports, magazine spreads and covers, brochures, posters, billboards and other communication pieces.

I never miss a deadline and, since problems do arise sometimes, we will keep the communication open so there is never a surprise.

Marc Snapshot Master - Cheers (300px).jpg

The bottom line… With over twenty years of location photography experience, you can count on me to get the job done and handle all the logistics and protocol to make everyone happy.  Happy is a good thing, isn't it?